You and your loved ones can be denied access to life-saving medicines by insurance companies - even if your doctor has prescribed them.  

This is an insurance tactic called "step therapy." It is not a therapy at all. It often requires you to try several drugs before your insurance company will help cover the cost of the medicine that your doctor has prescribed. 

Step therapy puts your health at risk, undermines your doctor's expertise, and causes significant financial waste in our health care system.

What’s worse – this tactic harms those most in need of targeted medication and treatment, especially individuals with autoimmune diseases.

You and your doctor should make medical care decisions. Period.

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Patient & Doctor Stories

“The six weeks of trying the first injectable treatment, required by step therapy, destroyed my body.”

- Heather Harris

"Getting the right treatment as quickly as possible can save lives by preventing subsequent illnesses like heart disease."

- Dr. Delfin Santos

"I have to deal with uncontrolled symptoms for three or four months – and that’s every time we need to adjust medications."

- Sandy McElgunn